Cecília Corujo | Juliana Julieta | Maia Horta

Waiting room
27 Jun - 15 Ago


In limbo. In a time in suspension, liquid, in permanent transit. A time between times, between past and present, which shaves, which erases its origins to try to seize the world, always with eyes turned inward.

A waiting room. An interstitial space. Permanently in between. Waiting to be. Of happening. In a time between the post and the altermodernism. A time that brings with it melancholy, the self-referential spiral, but embraces the present, an ode to eternal youth. A portrait of a society in transition that is (is) building up in search of new concepts. A society that is liquefied, anxious, solitary and unstable, where the only certainty is uncertainty.

In the waiting room are Cecília Corujo, Maia Horta and Juliana Julieta, in what is the third public opening of Cisterna. Curated by Patrícia Trindade.