Ana Jacinto Nunes | Liene Bosquê | Sara Maia | Sergio Lucena | Steven Day | Susana Anágua
24 Jun - 21 Set

In Paramnesia the tricks memory can play on us are evoked through a series of works where blurred, repeated images (Sergio Lucena and Steven Day), memories of collective or individual toil from times past (Susana Anágua), and tableaux of odd, flexible skins or hints of the presence of architecture (Liene Bosquê) come together alongside dense narratives (Ana Jacinto Nunes and Sara Maia).

Delirious and bizarre, Paramnesia is a beguiling altered state, fruit of a dissociative, logical impossibility that forgoes the will of its subject.

On view until September 21, 2021, these are works that invite the public to piece together different testimonies and somehow through exercising their own memory, construct a narrative.


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