Maria Souto de Moura | Tiago Mourão

02 Mai - 13 Jun

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The exhibition Nó ("Knot") takes the dialogue between the works of Maria Souto de Moura and Tiago Mourão as its starting point, exploring the encounter between two diverse pictorial languages — both based on geometry, though each manifesting different views regarding space in Painting.

Maria Souto de Moura's work develops within the range of artistic movements such as Hard-Edge Painting, Minimal Art and Concretism. In her work, colour planes and geometry are used to organise the two-dimensional space, creating a sense of rhythm, tension and equilibrium, while the alternation between figure and ground reiterates the two-dimensionality of the pictorial plane.

Tiago Mourão’s paintings evoke simultaneously the landscape and still life genres, as well as architecture. Representing imaginary spaces of uncertain scale, their illusion of depth, geometric rigour and high contrast create the notion of space within space.

This knot between the diverse languages is not intended to translate into a perfect accord of the parts but rather into a seldom harmonious convergence of different modes of expression, prone to further entanglements and complications.

Nó is the second exhibition of Galeria Cisterna and it is curated by Jorge André Catarino.