António Gonçalves

Carnis Color
22 Ago - 26 Set

I still believe in emotion, in the possibility of touching people and that art can show direction. May sensibility be a form of access, of proximity and intimacy when we are confronted with silence and emotion. May there still be enchantment and mystery, where memories wander in response to authentic and simple gestures.

The radiance of colour lets the flesh come forth in its essence, turning it into a revelation of primordial conception. The presence of light is vital to create visibility and it becomes essential in enabling the perception of colour: which colours define flesh and lead us closer to the most clairvoyant vision. May the practice of painting be an incursion in the colour of the flesh mystery, in the silence it inhabits, that alludes to contemplation.

The flesh of desire, the flesh of emotion; flesh in a broad sense, flesh without body, flesh that is merely body, the carnis color. Establishing the possibility of flesh being colour, that we can grasp it through colour, that we receive it in the most precise coloration possible. But what and which colour of the flesh? What chromatic spectrum can it enclose? This is the debate that can take place, the reflection that might explain, when colour and flesh unite determined to reveal the origin, from the temple that sprouts and consents it, despite not offering it translucently. In its materialization, it will be through painting that emotion will come forth, triggering religiousness, the arcane and sensitivity as a reaction that can lead to contemplation, to a more meditative gaze, or even commotion.

We are under a strobe light that renders perceiving colour challenging, that shatters our vision of flesh, shuddering the painting, animating it in frantic frames and throwing them into daily life’s imagery paraphernalia. Revisiting will be a way of retaking, of respecting, of reanimating and reinventing the first day, the most simple beginning, making it the acquiesced truth of our existence as fearful beings, of sensibilities, emotions and death. Carnis color is the revisit, the desire to encounter the first light, the first shape, the first colour, that never ceases and that livelies up our presence and reason.