Zoë Sua Kay


Born in Lisbon, she moved to New York City to undertake an MFA at the New York Academy of Art. She currently lives and work between New York City and Lisbon.

Her paintings are large scale investigations of ways in which the visual analysis of skin can expose the broad spectrum of emotional and psychological landscapes experienced by people throughout our lives.

Through 'close ups' of skin, the artist explores the endless fluctuations and subtle intonations of color and temperature found within flesh that are in many ways reflective of the breadth and fragility of human emotion. 

She is particularly interested in how the magnification of flesh can induce an alternating sense of claustrophobia and desire. Largeness of scale plays a key part in generating a sense of being surrounded by the overbearing presence of another human form.

Lets talk about it | 2016

Oil on canvas | 182,8 x 228,6 cm

Wings |2015

Oil on canvas | 152,4 x 91,4 cm

Life time best 2

Oil on canvas

Paresthesia | 2016

Oil on canvas | 88,9 x 213,3 cm