Paolo Ridolfi

Maringá, Paraná | Brasil
Paolo Ridolfi lives and works in Maringá (Paraná), where he was born in 1962.

He participated in numerous collective exhibitions and some individual exhibitions in institutions such as MuMA - Municipal Art Museum of curitiba (2016), Museu Oscar Niemeyer (2010), Legislative Assembly of Paraná (2002), as well at Simões de Assis Art Gallery in Curitiba, SIM Gallery in Curitiba and Casa Triângulo, in São Paulo.

His work integrates the collections of MON - Museu Oscar Niemayer, MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná, MuMA, Eduardo Leme Collection, Marco António Vilaça Collection, in São Paulo.

In a recent interview, conducted by Fernando Cocchiarale, during an exhibition of the artist at SIM Galeria, he says: After so long working with figuration, I want to return to the first subject: just art. In the figuration there are many elements to be interpreted, in Empty Paintings I present works free of these other meanings, I want to value each color, each brushstroke, the painting itself and empty the canvas of any narrative ...

This statement meets the cornerstone of Ridolfi's production, which is essentially the same as the foundation of modern painting.