Maya Weishof

Curitiba | Brazil
Maya Weishof (1993, Curitiba, Brazil). Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian artist works mostly with painting but tries to treat the body at work as a matter and as a visual and sensory possibility,
which leads her to look for experimentations of different languages, formats, invoices and supports in painting that are assimilated with a sculpture thought, for example.
The paintings sprout from drawings she makes of memories, invented situations or sometimes images that dialogue with the history of art.
Situations where the body is in a place of falling, sliding, deformation are recurrent. The artist seeks a juxtaposition of things - clippings, three-dimensional objects, processes of alteration and deformation of the image, are things that escape the attempt to establish a linear or closed narrative in her production.

The emptying of the other or our emptying, 2019

Oil on line 180 x 110 cm

When it wasn´t full weight yet, 2019

Oil on linen 202 x 127 cm

I hope you walk, 2019

Oil on linen 188 x 147 cm

As always, for women, by one side there is rain, by the other there is wind, 2019

Oil on linen 188 x 147 cm

The saddest boy, 2019

Oil on linen 100 x 70 cm