Maia Horta


Maia Horta (Timor, 1974) lives and works in Lisbon. She completed her Master's degree in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon in 2010. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and Comparative Literature from the University of Maryland, USA, where she studied from 1993-1997. She has been exhibiting regularly since finishing his masters degree. From the individual exhibitions stand out: the Artlovers exhibition, at the Soapbox Gallery in New York, Poshlust in Around the Corner and Going Bananas at Arte Graça in Lisbon, and Instapaintings: a performance inside a storefront. Her work is conceptual, critical, and procedural, and sometimes humorous or provocative in its appropriation of art history.


Self Diluted, 2017

oil on paper | 28 x 38 cm

Blondie and bushy |2011

oil on canvas |27 x 22 cm

Lisa´s Thunder | 2012

oil on MDF| 42 x 31cm

Se tu fores à praia | 2017

oil on linen | 69 x 97cm