Ana Jacinto Nunes

Lisbon | Portugal

Ana Jacinto Nunes, born in 1973, is a Portuguese visual artist. Exhibiting and working all over the world, for the past 20 years her solo shows have been seen in art galleries of the USA, Germany, Macau (China) and Portugal. Within different other projects her work traveled to Belgium, Greece, Italy, Canada, Spain, USA and Macau.
Having been living in Portugal and Macau (for a couple of years) these two cultures have a tendency to flirt in her recent work.

Ali mesmo num vão de escada | 2019

Oil on canvas | 134 x 103 cm

Canto bárbaro | 2018

oil on chinese silk | 67 x 71 cm

Janus | 2018

oil on canvas | 136 x 99 cm

E era a terra toda de uma mesma língua e de uma mesma fala , 2018

stoneware | 47 x 70 x 26 cm

Espera | 2019

Oil on canvas | 2019

Untilted | 2016

china ink and watercolor on paper | 29 x 42 cm